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"Employees are fun to watch, they feel that customer is the" boss ", they will do everything to ensure that customers return time and time again."


Gennaro Miele

Honey Lei food import and export limited company founder and CEO

When Jane right. Honey, Mr. Lei when young, he began to work for the family business, and travel around the world to do fieldwork. He is optimistic and positive personality, extraordinary leadership, love of Italy culture and the importance of homeland, so he came to Chinese.

In 2000, he first came to Chinese and try to move Italy factory mushroomproduction to Chinese, then he is fascinated by China culture. Then, heimmediately in the Chinese several city has opened 5 restaurants in Italy,the restaurant expanded the family business scale and followed the traditional style of Italy.

In 2010, he founded the honey Lei food import and Export Co., Ltd. in Beijing, Italy has a variety of products to Chinese. Because of excellent product quality, reasonable price, and with the traditional style of Naples, to become a hot Chinese goods on the market.

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