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Naples is Italy's third largest city, the city beautiful scenery, is one of the most famous scenic spot in the Mediterranean


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About ancient civilizations of Italy, people will immediately associate it withthe birthplace of historical eminent ancient Rome Empire, in 79 AD by theVesuvius volcano eruption of the Pompeii, the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, Renaissance Florence, an exquisite scenery of the city of Venice,known as the eighth wonder of the world, the ancient Rome arena. The site of the Pompeii is one of the world heritage by the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization approved. In 79 AD, the Pompeii is near the volcano Vesuvius erupted after the flood, after Italyarchaeologists from the Pompeii ruins, people can see the era of ancient Rome’s social life.

The 14-15 century, Italy literature and art of unprecedented prosperity, as Europe’s “Renaissance” birthplace, and made great contributions to There is nothing comparable to this Dante, Da Finch, Michelangelo, Rafael, Galileo and the culture and science of the progress of human culture. Now, seecarefully preserved ancient Rome era of the magnificent building andRenaissance painting, sculpture, monuments and relics are everywhere in Italy.

Italy is located in the south of Europe, a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery,magnificent buildings, ancient Rome Empire and the European Renaissanceart and historical relics be rich and varied, attracting a large number offoreign visitors each year, the tourism industry is very developed. The Catholic Church in Rome is the main religion in Italy, while a small number of people believe in Protestantism and judaism. The modern ethnic groups in Italy is based on the ancient Romans, a long history of the years evolution,so far still shares hit many old customs and etiquette. The Italian character Haofang, the feelings of the rich, warm, refined and courteous.

Italy nationality is also a gourmet nation, they have a long history in the diet,as their art, fashion and car, always like to elaborate. Italy Food noble and elegant, simple and strong, pay attention to the original. Italy cuisine is very rich, tens of thousands of dishes, in addition to the pizza for having heard it many times and Italy powder, seafood and desserts which are be well-known, far and near. Ancient Italy meal, had a profound impact on Europe and the United States Food and beverage, and developed various factionsincluding meals, American meal, it is “the laudatory name Western-style foodmother”.

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