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Pizza Origin

Naples is Italy's third largest city, the city beautiful scenery, is one of the most famous scenic spot in the Mediterranean
Pizza Origin

Pizza Origin

There are several theories about the origin of pizza:

The first argument: pizza from China. Italy was the famous Traveler Marco Polo in China travel most likes to eat a China North popular scallion pie. He always wanted to be able to taste again after returning to Italy, but not baked. Once, he gathered with friends at home, and one of them was from Napoli cook, Marco Polo suddenly have a brain wave, the chef who called to him, so to describe China chive pie. The cook would be in the best of spiritsmethod described by Marco Polo made up, can doing stuff for a long time,still can not be filling into the dough. This time has been nearly two in the afternoon, we were hungry. So Marco Polo suggested: simply put the fillingson the bread to eat. After we eat, are unanimous applause. The cook went back to Napoli and later made several times, and with the Naples cheese and condiments, did not expect to be greatly welcomed diners, then “pizza”spread. But this is just a legend, no definitive evidence.

Second arguments: the local legend, a mother, because of poverty at home,there is only a little flour, is to give the child what to do things to eat and to worry about. The neighbors after that, up to a point, tomatoes and cheese.The mother put the flour into the dough and bake a cake, the chopped tomatoes on top of it, and then put the cheese crumble sprinkle, thenroasted on the fire, a delicious pizza pizza, now for the world to love.

Neapolitan making pizza, cheese and tomato stuffing is mainly Basilinterestingly, their colors and the colors of the flag of Italy: basil leaves aregreen, white and red tomato cheese. In 1830, in Naples opened the world’s first pizzeria (Pizzeria), so far it is still in business. Subsequently, the Italianpizza became the favorite food, known as the Italy jewelry for your table. So far, the best pizza is from Naples, this is known as the capital city of the world.

Pizza originated in Napoli, has two thousand years of history, the Pompeiiruins, had found traces of it. So far Napoli pizza remains the most authentic,really good pizza dough by hand, is rolling, thrown into a round cake of thin,in accordance with the diners taste, with different materials, such as mushrooms, onions, green peppers, sausage, ham, vegetables, pickled fish,and so on, dividends and two white a red background, the so-called, is the pizza base coated with a layer of tomato sauce, white is not coated. But there is one thing in any case not less, is a named ‘MOZARELLA’ cheese,white like tofu, usually in the water to keep fresh, eat of time slice, can mixsalad, or caught in the bread to eat. The best MOZARELLA cheeseproduced in the south of Italy, water, milk, and Q and fragrant, really goodflavor. Pizza in a call “MARCHERITA” the most famous and the most popular,is named after a queen Italy, white bread with tomato sauce andMOZARELLA cheese, then put on two fresh basil leaves, what ingredientsdo not add, very simple. There is also a more simple, is a white cake bottombrush on a little bit of olive oil, sprinkle a little salt and rosemary, crispy and delicious, can be when the bread to eat.

Thin pizza, put in fruit of smokeless charcoal as fuel in the oven to bake,hearth side is the flaming fire, the other side is the cake at the end, in order to prevent the uneven heating, pizza chef will continue to shovel the cakebottom change of direction, because a thin cake, time is not long, three five minutes at most, you cooked, time is slightly long, the edge will burn, butnever mind, when to eat off it. Baked cake round looks great, but because it is thin, the girls a meal to eat whole no problem. The first person can point a”four seasons” taste, as the name suggests, there are four different flavors of a cake, can try several taste. The time to eat drink beer, do not drinkWine, in Italy to eat what had to drink Wine, but eat pizza must drink beer.

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