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"Traditionally made in wood burning oven, strict control of materials by the 2004 rules, you must use the" 00 "," 0 ", wheat flour, yeast, natural water, peeled tomato or fresh cherry tomatoes, salt and extra virgin olive oil."


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Naples is Italy’s third largest city, the city beautiful scenery, is one of the most famous scenic spot in the mediterranean. Vesuvius volcano is located in the southeast of the city of Naples, 1281 meters above sea level. It is an active volcano eruption, many times in history, the most famous one is the eruption of 79 AD, the hot volcano pyroclastic flows destroyed was very busy Pompeii.

Volcano built near the observation station. The most beautiful place in Naples is the beautiful scenery of the Santa Rukia coast, sunrise herescenery is very beautiful, across the bay of Naples, overlooking theVesuvius volcano. Naples palace was built in seventeenth Century, was the governor and the king’s house, the new national library, The National Gallery and fort.

When a reporter asked him the most like to own wife field franchise, Ted isquickly said, “this is a perfect family business. Its simple operation, make our life becomes simple and easy. [our] like most things are, we can write their own schedules, or without approval, any holiday.

Naples has a long history, beautiful scenery, numerous cultural relics, full of charm, is one of the most famous scenic spots in the mediterranean. It was praised as “the city of sunshine and happiness,” here all year round sunnyNapoli life, cheerful, energetic, good at singing, folk Napoli spread throughout the world. As a jewel of Italy. At the local, there is a popularsaying, roughly translated, means “North Korea to Naples, Xi dead enough”.

Traditional Neapolitan pizza Napoli has long history of making all kinds offamous Food and wine; in different period was influenced by Greek, Spanishand French rulers culture. Food Naples in eighteenth Century to form their own unique style in taste factors especially rich, and enables the ordinary common people to consume.

Perhaps the most famous aspects of Naples cooking is its rich savoury dish.Naples is the birthplace of pizza. It was originally poor food, but in the reign of Ferdinand IV became widely known: “Margarita” is to visit the city ofQueen Margarita of Savoy named. Traditionally made in wood burning oven,strict control of materials by the 2004 rules, you must use the “00”, “0”,wheat flour, yeast, natural water, peeled tomato or fresh cherry tomatoes,salt and extra virgin olive oil.